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Check out the new additions to our new Qi Gong Book selections. These are the Qi Gong references that were mentioned in our class on the recent 2016 Holland America Grand Cruise to the Mediterranean.


David Reid's books on Qi Gong are an excellent explanation of what "Chi" is, how it works, and how it can help you to stay healthy, cure or prevent numerous diseases, and to increase your life's longevity without resorting to Western Medicine's cures that are as bad as the diseases they are supposed to treat.


It is well known that pharmaceutical companies don't want to sell "cures" for illnesses but to provide "treatments" that continue on for a long time so they can profit. With these books, you can find out natural and free or inexpensive ways to restore your health.


These books will open your eyes to the current state of the Western medical profession and give you an alternative way to maintain your health. Click here to see the selection.





















Taiji Dancing Symbol


Click Here to Get a Copy of This Symbol Suitable for Framing

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