Sui Huang's Qualifications as

Cruise Ship Guest Instructor

and Photo Highlights of Her Classes

and Performances.


She developed “Easy Taiji” [also known as Tai Chi] which is a form oriented toward beginning students to shorten their time to learn the forms and to further their interest in Tai Chi. This is especially useful for instructing cruise passengers who sometimes have difficulty in learning new routines. In addition, she originated and developed her own style of Taiji Dancing and Taiji Fan Dances, which blends graceful Chinese choreography with traditional Tai Chi forms.


What gives Sui Huang Tai Chi an advantage over other instructors is her ability to not only provide "Easy Taiji" and other standard forms of the Yang Style, but she can give instruction in Tai Chi Dancing and Fan Dancing along with Qi Gong which are her specialties. Even better yet, she can deliver spell-binding performances on stage to ships audiences.


In addition to the above activities, she now offers extra classes and discussion groups for the convenience of the passengers such as:


  • Additional daily Qigong classes have been added to her regular Tai Chi class entitled "Chinese Techniques for Self-healing."
  • Holds an open forum discussion group on Sundays on Self-healing and .
  • Gave Mandarin Chinese lessons in class just prior to arriving in ports in China.
  • Holds Sunday mornings extra Tai Chi  practice sessions up in the Crow's Nest lounge on the ship.


An ebullient and gregarious individual, she mixes well with all levels of passengers, especially those Asians who speak Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese. Sui will be a beneficial addition to cruise ships enrichment and entertainment programs. For more information, please send your inquiries to


On Board Cruise Instructor Experience


2013 to present:


Note: More videos and stills of her classes and performances can be seen at the links below as well as in the Photo Gallery  and in her

YouTube Channel



  • March 2018: Currently booked by Holland America to be a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Guest Instructor on their Prinsendam 54-day Grand Cruise to the Mediterranean.


  • March 2017: Booked by Holland America to be a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Guest Instructor on their Prinsendam 55-day Grand Cruise to the Mediterranean.






Other Capabilities:

  • Able to instruct classes in Qi Gong
  • Speaks and writes fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Able to write and teach Chinese Calligraphy.                                            



Certificates of Accomplishment



An informal dual performance with internationally renowned flautist Bettine Clemen playing her flutes accompanied by Sui Huang demonstrating her freestyle Taiji Dance routine for the benefit of her Taiji student class aboard the Holland America's ms Prinsendam Grand Cruise to the Mediterranean, March, 2016.


Bettine was a student in Sui's Tai Chi class aboard the ship. See her website.


You can see a second similar performance by both of them in the photo gallery.


For Guest Instructor positions on cruise ships, please contact:



If you work with Six Star Entertainment for your cruise line instructors, please contact:

Dorine Nielsen
Manager of Entertainment Programs 

Sixth Star Inc.

21 N.W 5th Street

Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33301



Performance Video highlights

Sui performing a Taiji Fan Dance at a Talent Show held in the Showroom at Sea aboard the Holland America ms Prinsendam on a 55-day Cruise to the Mediterranean. May, 2016.


Sui performs her "Taiji Fan Dance" at the Chinese Opera held at the Venice Community Center and sponsored by the Chalk Festival on Nov. 13, 2015. She also accompanies the following flute player part way through that performance


Sui performs her Tai Chi Fan Dance in front of a live audience at a talent show held on the Holland America Prinsendam during a 68 day Grand Cruise around South America and Antarctica during 2014.

Sui performs her interpretive version of Tai Chi Dancing in font of a live audience aboard the Holland America Prinsendam on a 68 day Grand Cruise to South America and Antarctica.


Sui performed one of her Tai Chi Dances in front of a live audience at a Tai Chi week-long seminar held at Wakulla Springs, FL, October 2013.

Instructor and Performance photo highlights


Sui can be seen performing on stage in front of a live audience, giving Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons, and seminars to passengers aboard ship during her tenure as a Guest  Instructor.


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