2015 Holland America

ms Rotterdam 90-day Grand Cruise to the Far East


The trip was an outstanding one with many interesting places to visit, new people to meet, new foods to eat, new sights to see, and an abundant new experiences to enjoy.


Of the above things, I would say that "new people to meet" would be first on my list of highlights since each one presented fascinating backgrounds and life's experiences that would be hard to find elsewhere. It also presented new challenges in teaching because of the difference in languages of all the attendees. Many did not speak much if any English and communication was a fun exercise in trying to get instructions across, but everyone was good natured and through sign languge, friendly interpreters in the class who spoke their language and helped them along, we all had a good time.


Along the way many new people became many new friends and we look forward to meeting up with them in the near future on another cruise to pick up where we left off.

Instructor Highlights


The highlights for me were when I could see the progress most of the students were making in learning the Taiji or Qi Gong movements that were involved. Especially nice was being able to hand out "graduation" certificates at the end of the cruise. It was a happy time mixed with a little sorrow of reaching the end of the cruise.


There might be a lot of pictures, but I felt every one of them deserved a place of recognition here.

Class Highlights


These are some group pix of the different classes. Changes in the mix was because of the staggered times new passengers got on or off the ship.

Class Video Highlights


Snapshots of the class trip to Rose City of Petra in Jordan. A Heritage Site and one of the 7 wonders of the world. Some of the members of our Tai Chi class took a tour to the City of Petra. Here is a little reminder of that trip.


Click here for information on Petra




These video clips show the three classes held on a daily basis: Easy Taiji, Taiji Dancing, and Qi Gong

Trip Highlights


Snapshots taken along the way at various ports of call.

Cruise Student's Feed-back Comments



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