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Tours are limited participation and are kept small so you will have a personal experience. They will consist of approx. 10 - 20 people on a first come, first serve basis. Each tour will consist of approx. 2 weeks of study and approx. 1 week of sightseeing.


If you wish to register for any of the tours, go to the "Details Page" indicated on each tour. There you will be able to request that a free "Registration Package" be sent to you that will provide most all information and answers that you will need.




Since time is of the essence for our first inaugural journey and we think there are so many benefits in these tours that we are willing to pay you $300 to spread the word to your friends and relatives especially if they have health problems or want to learn how to maintain their health.

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Wudang Mountain, China

Taoist Medical Qigong

Self-healing and Wellness

Workshop Tour


September 2- 22, 2017 (22 Days)


Obtain Registration Form and other tour information

by filling out the form on the "Details" page.


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