About the Founders


Sui Huang - Journey Leader

Sui began her Yang Style Tai Chi Quan training in the 70's beginning with participating in public group exercises. Living and training in FoShan, China (her hometown), she reached a high level of competence. In 1990, Sui moved to Miami, FL and became an American citizen. In Miami, FL, she studied and furthered her training in Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Master Wei Lun Huang. She later moved to Venice, FL.


Holland America Cruise Lines has used her services as a "Guest Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor" and tour escort on their Grand Cruises since 2013. She has completed a number of cruises with them traveling to over 145 cities, 55 countries and 12 continents.


Sui is an energetic, ebullient and gregarious person who is very creative and artistic. She enjoys performing at events, on stage, and gatherings to encourage people to see the beauty of the forms and make them aware of the benefits that Tai Chi and Qigong can bring to their lives.


In addition to her instructing in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, she now acts as a guide who leads self-healing and wellness groups to China where participants can learn the ancient Chinese secrets of self-healing techniques along with Traditional Chinese Medicine that have been handed down for over 5,000 years. 


Bill Cabana - Journey Facilitator, Business Manager and Photographer

Bill provides the vision and leadership for the journeys. He started studying martial arts since 1970 and has worked with it on and off through the years. Around 2011, he encountered an oriental way of using a cane for personal protection but soon felt that the way it was being taught was not suitable for its intended use. He then worked on developing it into the qigong based internal arts “Tai Zhang Dao” (the way of the cane) which was more suitable for people with limited abilities (like seniors) and practical for use in street encounters where there are no rules.


His inspiration for Medical Self-healing Qigong came from his partner Sui Huang who guided him down the path of self-healing causing him want to learn more about it and how it could be a benefit to other people. After several years of studying, practicing, researching and becoming more acquainted with what was involved, he decided it best to go to the “Sun-Sources” of all this knowledge in order to take people to where they could  learn healing from the Chinese Qigong Masters and Doctors in China.


The schools and instructors offered on this site are a result of his quest.


Sui Huang Tai Chi: www.suihuangtaichi.com

Bill's Tai Zhang Dao: www.taizhangdao.com

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