Strategic Partners Wanted!!!


We have a growing business that fills a unique niche in the Wellness and Self-healing marketplace. With little competition in this area, we organize high-quality tours to various schools and institutions that instruct people in the Eastern methods of preventative medicine and ways for self-healing as it has been handed down for thousands of years in China and used by millions of people throughout Asia.


Our future plans include Wellness Tourism where we can assist people who cannot afford the costs of medicine and treatment for their problems in the US to go to other countries to get quality treatment for what ails them.


As you can see from this website, which has been created and maintained by one of the founders, we are in serious need of people with the talent and experience who can develop this business to realize its full potential.


With limited finances and technical skills to professionally portray the benefits of our tours, we are being underutilized to reach the sizeable demographic to whom we are appealinng with our products.


Our demographics:

The mature and senior portion (but not exclusively) of our society who are concerned with their health, increasing the quality of their lives, reducing the chances of acquiring serious illnesses, and adding life to their remaining years.


We are seeking out the following:


  • Non-profit foundations who are concerned with health and appeal to a mature market who are interested in learning a preventative maintenancre lifestyle that will improve the quality of their life and increase their longevity.
  • Sponsors who will support activities that benefit a healthy lifestyle and give opportunities for the less-affluent members of society to attend our tours and reduce the chances of them becoming a burden on the community.
  • Sponsors who want to reach our demographics and support our efforts to reach them.
  • People who will share our dream of bringing a better way of life to the peoples of the world and work with us in areas of website development, social media marketing, and other business development areas. Salary: if we prosper, so will you! Our goal is to not have employees, but partners who will share in the profits of our business as we grow.


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