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"Learn Healing Qigong from the

Teachers Where It Originated"


Medical qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in China over 4,000 years ago. It has been used successfully by millions of Chinese in a country that had few doctors where they had to rely on living a healthy lifestyle instead of seeking out pills or medical procedures to cure themselves.


Recently, we traveled to China in order to find for our journeys, the best Master instructors (or their students) in medical qigong and TCM who are highly trained, qualified and regarded in their area of expertise. These are people who are:


  • Medical professionals who have created qigong healing styles or who have learned directly from the creator.

  • Medical professionals who have trained in medical facilities where medical qigong, TCM and other modalities were used to treat patients over many years.

  • Taoist priests who have been brought up and trained in various styles of qigong since their youth and who have been ordained to teach others.

Tao means “The Way.” Taoism is more than a religion….it is a way of life!!!


The schooling for all of our journeys are set up as follows:


The first journey which you will experience will involve two six-day weeks of schooling and is entitled an “Introduction to Self-healing and Wellness in which you will be instructed essentially (with some minor variation between the various schools) in:

  • Medical Qigong exercises used in a preventative healthcare and longevity lifestyle.

  • Meditation, breathing, and stress management training.

  • Qi and how to control it for healing oneself.

  • Healing sounds.

  • Nutrition for health and healing.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs applications.

  • Taoist culture introduction.

  • Taoist Neidan internal alchemy.


The 7th day of the two 6-day weeks will either be free-days or scheduled with sightseeing. There will be two other free-days added; one after your arrival in China and before school so you can adjust to the time change and one before the day you leave China.


After the schooling has completed, you will have approx. 7 more days for sightseeing which will vary according to the area where the school is located. 


Subsequent journeys will involve higher levels of training to advance your knowledge and skills. These will be announced later as needed.


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