Alzheimer's & Dementia


They say there's no cure or treatment available....Don't believe them!




Watch a documentary on Netflix called "Untangling Alzheimer's."


Catch some key things they say in the movie such as:


"Presently, there is no cure." By having you believe that, you will then be encouraged to use their treatments....if they can ever find one.


Click here to see further proof of the above statement.


The closest they have come to "a treatment" it is to have a "deep brain stimulation operation" with an electric implant inserted. When you see this operation, ask yourself..."is this surgery really necessary," and "what is the cost?"


"Nitrosamines stop the production of insulin and allows dementia to set in." See section with Susan Delamont at Brown University in Rhode Island where, in experiments with rats, that she theorizes that Insulin is what can be used to treat or prevent dementia. Notice where she indicates that Nitrosamines is that same great chemical that is added to your hot dogs.


Food and other products contain Nitrosamines. Significant levels can be found in beer, fish, non-fat dry milk and cured meats (primarily bacon and hot dogs) and cheese preserved with nitrite pickling salt. Click here.


Insulin treatment using insulin inhalers are being tested in Wake Forest Med. Ctr. In N. Carolina by Susan Craft.


Insulin is produced by the pancreas organ. Click here


The pancreas is one of the organs that medical Qigong focuses on (as well as "all" the organs in the body) to restore its function. 


In short, if we eat or do the things that "poison" our body, the organs needed for healing and maintaining the immune system are so busy or overloaded getting rid of the poisons that they are unable to function correctly and then we start to suffer from all sorts of afflictions.


Solution: adopt a lifestyle that follows the Qigong "preventative approach" to maintaining health and right, meditate, fasting, and do the appropriate exercises.


Cost????....Nothing but a dedication to treat your body right and a determination to follow that regimen.


According to "Summary of Zhineng Qigong's Healing Effects on Chronic Diseases", published by the Center in 1991, data of 7,936 patients showed an overall effective healing rate of 94.96%. (15.20% cured; 37.68% very effective; 42.09% effective.) The success rate is shown at this "Medicineless" Chinese hospital: Click here.


When you get through with the above movie, move on to watch the one titled: "Forks Over Knives." The premise here is that "your problems are probably a result of what you are eating." Qigong addresses this very effectively in its treatments.




Various Research Articles and Abstracts



Various Websites


US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Heavy metals in the brain (60% fat) contribute to and possible actually cause Alzheimer's. Two heavy metals that are very closely associated with Alzheimer's patients are Aluminum and Mercury, which can be found throughout many homes but are completely overlooked. Toxic levels of aluminum have also been associated with Parkinson's disease, various dementia's and bone diseases.




In the videos below, you will find experts who indicate some of the various things that can treat or cure Alzheimer's and dementia. Each video essentially focuses on only one thing as an approach to take to solve the problem. There is a good chance that there are other solutions to the problem of which you are probably unaware. This is why the practice of medical Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a very viable and desirable route to take when seeking relief from these diseases. They include such things as exercises for organ health, fasting, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupressure and a number of other things that go into harnessing the self-healing capabilities of your body.


The practice of good health and wellness is more of a way of life that should be embraced "all the time" to prevent illnesses before they happen. This is the purpose of Qigong and TCM and the type of lifestyle you need adopt to reach these goals. And to learn them, we suggest that you learn from the sources and teachers where they China. These instructors have practiced for a better portion of their lifetime and are the go-to teachers from who you need to learn.




Coconut oil - an answer for Alzheimer's disease? The Alzheimer Society of Canada

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