Agents Wanted!!!

For USA and International Cities


We are looking for individuals or firms who are able to help us find people who will take our journeys and for you to act as our independent agents under an exclusive and protected territory agreement. Each territory will consist of the city in which you live as well as the county in which it is located. If you can show us that you are able to work with travelers outside of your territory, and there is no other agent presently there, you might be able to increase the size of the territories.


Since we do not have territory managers for all the states or countries, we will consider applications for that position if you can show us your production capability potential.


Note: As long as you are an active agent, the following applies:

  • There is no cost or fees to becoming or remaining to be an agent. This is the closest way to having your own business without having to invest anything other than using your social skills and talking to people to earn some extra money or a free trip to China.
  • There will only be one agent assigned for each territory and you will not have any other agents competing with you in your territory. As long as you are able to show progress, you will retain your territory protection.
  • Once you obtain a traveler, every time they repeatedlly patronize our business, you will get credit for subsequent purchases for no more effort on your part than periodically keeping in touch with them and following up with them on purchases. 
  • At this time, we are opting to send you referrals of inquiries to our main office for people who live in your territory. You will need to follow up with them immediately to interest them in our journeys.
  • Your other goal is to get your customers to refer you new customers. As a suggestion, you might want to arrange to pay them a referral fee out of what you get from us.
  • Other benefits: 
    • ​For groups of travelers which you can assemble, one person can travel free as an escort per each 15 people assembled. e.g. If you can assemble 30 or more, two of you can travel for free.
    • We can customized journeys and are flexible enough to meet your groups needs.


We have a growing business that fills a unique niche in the Wellness and Self-healing marketplace. With little or no competition in this area, we organize high-quality Journeys to various schools and institutions (in conjunction with some sightseeing) in China that instruct people in the Chinese methods of preventative medicine and ways for self-healing as it has been handed down for thousands of years in China and used by millions of people throughout Asia.


Our present plans include Wellness Travel where we can assist people with specific ailments who cannot afford the costs of medicine and treatment for their problems in the US to go to other countries to get quality treatment for what ails them for less cost than in the US. Such ailments are: early stage cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other similar ones. Most times, these cases can be combined with our wellness journeys as opposed to individual travel.


If that isn't enough, we can provide trips (ideal for young adults) for individuals who want to study Kungfu martial arts and/or Tai Chi at world famous places like the Shaolin Temple and Wudang Temples (home of the Wudang Warriors. These are ideal for a summer vacations (or year around) sessions of study. Martial Arts studios (Dojos) are your main prospects here. Or, families wanting to give their child something special. This is a new feature we are in the process of adding to our list of offerings.



Our demographics:

The mature and senior portion (but not exclusively) of our society who are very concerned with their health, increasing the quality of their lives, reducing the chances of acquiring serious illnesses, and adding life to their remaining years. Included in this group are people suffering from the ailments mentioned above.



We are seeking out the following:

  • Individuals or firms who want to earn some extra money without quitting their day jobs. If you like to socialize with people, belong to referral groups, clubs or organizations and want to help people who want to learn the secrets to better and longer lives, who are suffering from ailments and can't find treatment or cures without taking medicines or having surgical procedures, then it will be worth your while to become one of our agents.


  • Non-profit foundations concerned with health and wellness for promoting a preventative maintenancre lifestyle for people that will improve the quality of their life and increase their longevity. We would like you to endorse us and receive a donation for doing so.

  • Sponsors who will support activities that benefit a healthy lifestyle and give opportunities for the less-affluent members of society to attend our journeys and reduce the chances of them becoming a burden on the community.

  • Sponsors of products or services who promote healthy living and who want to reach our demographics in order to support our efforts to reach them.


  • People who will share our dream of bringing a better way of life to the peoples of the world and work with us in various areas of our organization. If we prosper, so will you! Our goal is to not have employees, but partners and agents who will share in the profits of our business as we grow.


     Only one person will be assigned a territory so don't delay in claiming yours! Contact us today to get the details and your name listed on our Authorized Agents List. If you live in a state that has a Territory Manager, contact that person:


   For further information, contact Bill at




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