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This site is dedicated to introducing you to one of the most advanced and effective medical systems the world has ever known that has been proven effective for over 4,000 years and successfully used by millions of Chinese.


It will not only help you to learn about a “preventative” approach to maintaining your health and extending your life but in many cases might be more effective in treating or healing ailments, conditions, or diseases you might have.


Originally, we started off searching for ways to improving and extending our lives. Along with this we wanted to help our families and friends who were either suffering from debilitating diseases or were dying prematurely when unsuccessfully relying on Western medicine for relief.


We have traveled to many places in China where Chinese Government Certified and noted institutions and instructors could be found that were able to work with outsiders from other countries. These sources are little known in the outside world and even more difficult to search out.


We were extremely successful in our search and have made working arrangements with them for training people in their successful methods and techniques which are relatively easy to learn for just about anyone with ordinary intelligence. We now bring that information to you as presented on this website.


To our knowledge, we are one of the first to offer these continuing, exclusive courses and subject matters to you on the basis and scope presented here on this site.


Please understand that we personally do not offer any medical advice or treatment of any kind nor do we make any warranties or guarantees of any treatments or cures of any kind. We are just a conduit of information for educational purposes only.


What we do promise is that we have worked to find and obtain the best and most reliable sources able to help educate and train you in their self-healing specialties to improve your health and life. The rest is up to you and your dedication to wanting to help yourself.


In doing this, we hope to prove that these Eastern healing methods will benefit you greatly, be extremely cost effective, and provide you with a life-long experience that will improve the quality of the rest of your life.


In turn, we ask that you help us in our quest to spread the word of what we are trying to accomplish here. If you find the information or experience worthwhile, please tell your friends. If not, please tell us (sui@suihuangtaichi.com) so we can make any improvements necessary.



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