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The White Crane plays an important role in Chinese mythology and is venerated as the prince of all feathered creatures. It embodies the qualities of "Longevity and Peace.






"We Take People to China to Learn their Secrets of Living a Better and Longer Life!"




If you want to improve your lifestyle or are suffering in any way from a condition, ailment, disease or other affliction, it will be to your advantage to look into the following information about effective methods of improving your situation.


China developed one of the most advanced medical systems the world has ever known. It has proven effective for over 4,000 years and successfully used by millions of Chinese during this time.


Owing to recently translated medical text and other similar publications describing the methods, techniques and materials used has the Western world become aware of its existence. Some of this information is just now being made available outside China.


Due to the nature of the Chinese people and government, this medical knowledge and how to use it were closely guarded secrets handed down within medical families and groups like the Taoists, Buddhists, and other similar ones from fathers to sons and from Masters to disciples. The Western world, in general, still knows little of these secrets and how they operate.


There has been a realization by a few well known and progressive medical institutions in our country of the effectiveness of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) and Medical Qigong. As a result, there has been an outreach by our country to meld Eastern and Western medical treatment successfully on an integrative or comparative basis.


We recently traveled to China to seek out where this knowledge originated, how it could be obtained, and from whom this healing knowledge could be learned.


The main takeaways of what we learned in China from our travels and extensive research over the past few years were the following:

  • Due to a shortage of doctors in the earlier years, the Chinese developed a “preventative basis of personal care for their wellness.


  • Their medical treatment is based on only one doctor finding the root cause of ailments instead of referring patients to specialists for each part of the body. Typical Western medical practices (or practitioners) just mask the symptoms with addictive medications or needlessly using surgical solutions as a cure.


  • That most ailments and diseases that are incurable, untreatable, or very costly to help in the West such as cancer, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and many others are routinely able to be helped there.


  • It is less expensive and more effective to educate people as to how to easily alter their lifestyles to effect a cure rather than to medicate, hospitalize, or surgically treat them.


  • Where individual education and training from highly qualified, Government Certified medical personnel or Masters are located and who are able to instruct anyone who wants to learn their healing secrets.


  • Where anyone suffering from some form of most any condition, ailment, or disease known to mankind can either learn to treat themselves or get treatments not normally found in Western countries. And, at a far less expensive cost than here in the USA.


This site is dedicated to presenting and sharing information on authentic Chinese ways to maintain or improve your health, quality of life, and/or longevity through more body-friendly natural methods.


If you think that Qi Gong is a fad or insignificant style of Tai Chi, then go to the "Ailments Qi Gong Can Help" page, on the menu to the left, and go down to the "Specific Diseases" to check out the scientific proof of what ailments can be helped. I'm sure you will agree, the proof is quite impressive and meaningful for you if you are suffering from anything on the list.


Future journeys are planned and will be posted as soon as they are finalized on a "Trips-at-a-Glance" page over on the left side menu when it is ready.


These journeys are "one-of-a-kind" that will take you to Temples, monasteries, and similar places where you will be able to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn ancient self-healing secrets that have been handed down for thousands of years in China.


Please note that these journeys are unlike any of the off-the-shelf touristy tours that are offered by most agencies, but rather, they have been custom designed to our specifications to give you the richest learning experience we can find so that you can learn from the best teaching sources available. We hope to make these an "Adventure in Healing " for you.


Is this tour right for you?......


Yes, only if you sincerely want to learn to how to heal yourself using the same methods the Chinese use to maintain their health. What you will learn needs your commitment and thinking that you can and will help yourself. The mind is a powerful thing and in Qi Gong, it is the driving force for you to start healing.


Learning Qi Gong is about the same as learning to drive a car. You don't need to know what makes the car run but first, you need to learn how to start the car and drive it safely. There is an abundance of information on Qi Gong all over the Internet, so I won't try to duplicate it on this website.


If Qi Gong is a new subject for you, download a short free booklet entitled: Qi Gong, Destination: Wellness by filling out the Tour Notification List form at the bottom of this page and you will receive one in your email.


Self-healing is a very viable alternative to the high cost of medicine and medical procedures that are used to cure diseases and afflictions that can be healed by our natural immune system if allowed to do so.


We don't make any exaggerated claims about what you will be able to do after you take the healing courses since the results obtained vary with the individual.


What you will accomplish depends upon how much you will immerse yourself and believe that this will be as successful for you as it has been for millions of Chinese people. These people have relied on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qi Gong to cure ailments without expensive medicines and unneeded surgeries, that have often times frustrated Western doctors to help you stay well.


Our goal is to provide you with the best tools possible as taught by top masters and professionals who are committed to opening a lot of doors you never knew existed in order for you to know how to control your body and take care of it.


The sightseeing is just an added attraction to immerse you into the culture of the World’s Oldest Continuous Civilization that goes back thousands of years. In this way, you get an added reason to make your trip even more enjoyable with new experiences that will broaden your horizons.


If you want to learn more about self-healing, your best bet is to obtain some of the books shown on our Qi Gong Books page and read up about Qi Gong which is the basis for self-healing, wellness, and longevity of life.


Join us on one of our tours and learn how to experience a better future for yourself! Just fill out the “Tour Notification List” form below today.


Come on in and have a look around!!!




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